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Warehouse Engineering Design

Long considered a commodity item for the corporation, the Warehouse is now being seen in a different light due to the emergence of the Global, competitive Supply Chain. Whereas the Warehouse was a basic structure housing inventory in the past, the emergence of equipment, IT and construction technology has allowed for dramatic leaps in efficiencies and cost reduction by considering factors such as:

Building a Warehouse is a long-term investment for any corporation, with the impact to have significant upside potential if designed and constructed with a long-term horizon in view. On the other hand, there is the possibility of the Warehouse becoming a liability whose cost of inventory damage, reduced flow through and inability to scale costs much more than the up-front construction expenditure.

IES has the experience, engineering expertise and partnerships that can help you overcome complex and changing needs as well as stringent requirements. IES utilizes a methodical, process-driven approach that includes:

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